1. To enhance students’ self-learning abilities.
  2. To increase learners’ positive attitudes towards learning.
  3. Promote STEM learning and application of its knowledge and skills.
  4. Encourage reading across curriculum.  
  5. To promote students’ value of appreciation.


        All the students have school-based reading and writing lessons with NET teachers. ‘Learning Phonics through Language Arts’ has been integrated into English curriculum for P.1 to P.3. We have also actively participated in different supporting schemes organized by EDB, for example, “seed” project and PEEGs. In the school, students can enjoy themselves in various English activities, which raise their interests in learning.       

        For elite students, we provide Cambridge English courses and English Camp to further develop their abilities. For SEN students, we provide different remedial classes in the morning and after school according to their language levels. Students can also join different English extracurricular-activities, which provide them with more opportunities in using language in authentic contexts such as English Drama, Puppetry, Fun English (CUHK), Hong Kong International Youth Forum, English Football Club and English Science Club. 


  • 1. Halloween Fun Day
  • 2. Theme-based English morning assemblies
  • 3. Reading scheme
  • 4. Fun English Online Scheme
  • 5. English Fun Day
  • 6. Class Reading Aloud performances
  • 6. English Everywhere  
  • 7. English Ambassador Team


       These activities provide students with opportunities to experience a rich language environment and offer different self-learning platforms for students.

A. English Activities:


  1. Morning assembly 
    Announcements made by teachers and students in English
  2. Morning and recess reading time 
    Story telling by the NETs
  3. Reading aloud class performance 
    Reading aloud performances by different classes during recesses
  4. Halloween Fun Day 
    An English fun day with the theme of Halloween
  5. Language Arts Day 
    Performances of language arts such as songs, poems, readers’ theatre, drama and choral speaking by different classes during the day
  6. English Everywhere 
    Creating a learning environment with English labels and/or QR code of videos about the facilities in the campus
  7. Visits (e.g. Science Museum) & Workshops (e.g. ‘Story Monster for Primary Schools’ of the English Alliance by SCHOLAR, Pizza Express workshop) 
    Providing pleasurable English language experiences for arousing students’ interest in English, developing an appreciation of English as well as boosting their confidence in using the language

A. E-learning Projects – Reading and writing lessons with NET

Participants: P4-5 students
1. Enhance reading and writing skills through e-learning.
2. Promote skills of using ICT, communicative skills, cooperative learning and self-learning abilities.

B. English Morning Assembly

Participants: P1-6 students

Aim: The NET teachers introduce different topics such as traditions of different countries and festivals to the students.  Students can learn different knowledge in English through joining different activities.

C. English Reading Aloud

Participants: P2-6 students

Aim: Students can choose poems, reading passages, songs to perform in front of their schoolmates in the recess time. It encourage students to use English and enhance their confidence. It also promotes the culture of appreciating others.

D. Halloween Fun Day

Participants: P1-6 students

Aim: Halloween Fun Day aims to provides fun activities for students to use English and immerse them in this cultural atmosphere. Students can wear costumes, do “Trick or Treat”, play different booth games, do cat walks, and appreciate a drama show. It is one of the most popular activities in our school.

E. Language Arts Day

Participants: P1-6 students

Aim: We organized different language arts activities such as English singing, readers’ threater and reading aloud to enhance students’ interests and confidence  in using English. 

Students experience English langauge arts and appreciate different performances from their schoolmates.

F. Talks, visits, workshops

Meeting with a reporter

B. School based English Schemes:


  1. Cambridge English course 
    An English course for elite students to practise integrated language skills
  2. Reading scheme award 
    For outstanding reading log and book reports
  3. Fun English Online Scheme award
    Online learning for self-learning
  4. Fun English (CUHK) and Hong Kong International Youth Forum (HKIYF) 
    A joint-school English learning and cultural exchange project with the exchanges from CUHK
  5. English Summer Courses 
    ‘Leap’ and ‘Target’ English language learning courses for students with different English competences

B. Fun English (CUHK)

A. 劍橋英語課程 Cambridge English Programme

Participants: P.2 – 6 students

Aim: Our school arrange elite class – Cambridge course for P.2 to 6 students who have good results in the English language for free. It is aimed at improving students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening and equipping with exam skills. Every year our students also achieve good results.

C. English School Clubs & Teams:

  1. English Science Club 
    Learning Science by doing experiments with the NET
  2. English Football Club 
    Practising football and joining charity competition with the NET
  3. English Drama Club 
    Performing drama on school Language Arts Day and Halloween Day
  4. Fun English – Hong Kong International Youth Forum Team
    Joint-school English project learning
  5. English Ambassador Team 
    Creating a context for speaking and listening as well as being big brothers and sisters for practising English for the lower form students during mornings and recesses

B. English Football Club

A. Drama Club

D. English Competitions:

  1. ‘Story to Stage’ Puppetry Competition for Primary Schools 
    Developing literacy skills in a fun and engaging manner
  2. Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech) 
    Promoting active making of expression through speech
  3. Hong Kong Battle of the Books 
    Introducing students to a variety of reading material, building teamwork skills, and ensuring that reading is fun, BOB is a live school-on-school battle to find the book trivia champion school.

A. English Puppetry

Participants: P.4-6 students

Aim: English Puppetry caters for learner diversity and creates a variety of learning opportunities to meet the needs of different students and foster their language and whole-person development. Our school team has won the first prize in ‘Story to stage’ Puppetry Competition for Primary Schools 2019.