A newly designed, school-based and student-centered LBD (Learning by Doing) curriculum has been launched in our P1 and P2 General Studies subject. The curriculum boosts junior form students’ experiential self-learning, participations and active explorations, so as to foster students’ learning motivation by ‘sensations’ and ‘practice’ on enriching their creative development.

Recently,  a new theme entitled

‘The Unique me’ allows P1 students to look into themselves to find out what fear them the most, and learn how to face it, deal with it or live with it!

Students had a chance to draw out things they are afraid of, expressed them and placed these drawings into balloons and let them fly away, in a way to learn how they face up and overcome fears.

Students also created their self-designed ‘Emotion Bottles’. They engaged themselves in questioning and expressing their thoughts in every step of creation, from designing to producing. Students gradually calmed down as soon as the crafts’ glitters fall down.

All the hands on activities involved  students’ autonomous learning and nurtured the essential attitude and qualities they need while dealing with emotions which put them towards the positive side of their future life!

本校於一、二年級常識科推行LBD(Learning by Doing)體驗式自主學習,採用嶄新設計的校本課程,以學生為本,透過鼓勵參與及積極主動探索的學習模式,讓學生從「感」和「做」中學,從而發揮創意及自我潛能。

最近,一年級學生在 「獨特的我」的主題中,學生分享和了解自己害怕的事物,並學習如何面對、處理或忍受它!