Understanding the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal & Upholding the Rule of Law

A truly wonderful chance for our P6 students to pay the visit to the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal to bring even closer look on its history, operation and architectural features of legal institutions. Certain parts of the institute were opened up for students to visit with the professional guide who shared lots of complicated legal knowledge with simple words , which has  enriched the student’s understanding the importance on obeying the law. 

Students have visited the following places:

  1. The Court of Final Appeal: court settings including the court lobby, the registration office, the press room and so on;
  2. Exhibition Gallery: precious displays of historical photos and cultural relics introducing the history and operation of the legal institutions;
  3. Architectural Heritage Gallery: displays of architectural design and construction technology of the court building showcasing the history and transformation of it;
  4. Library: existing library transformed from a former prison cell and about 10,000 books there mainly used by judges of the Court and officials of legal institutions.

認識終審法院 體現法治精神



  1. 終審法庭: 法庭大堂、終審法院登記處、記者室等法庭設施;
  2. 展覽廊: 介紹司法機構的歷史和運作,並展出司法機構的珍貴歷史照片及文物;
  3. 建築歷史展覽廊: 介紹大樓歷史和變遷,並展示有關大樓的建築設計和興建技術;
  4. 圖書館: 現存圖書館是由昔日的囚室改建而成,館內藏書約一萬多本,主要供終審法院的法官及司法機構職員使用。