Arts Day


It was astonishing  to see teachers and students dressed up in their creative costumes as different artists, musicians and characters in famous paintings, which has spiced up the Arts Day this year.


Activities include the ‘Talent Arts Show’, in which students sang, danced and played different musical instruments and the ‘Stars of Visual Arts’ Awards presented to students with outstanding Arts achievements.


Students also were inspired by different artists’ creative concepts and characteristics in arts creation and artist sharing workshops including ‘Collage Art Workshop’ with artist Miss Sally and ‘Paper Dyeing Workshop’ with Miss Dew Yee Lin Elaine. Students even created their ‘Tape Painting’ and ‘Musical Handicrafts’ to unleash their potentials of creativity.


Moreover, the Visual Arts Exhibition displayed excellent tangible and masterpieces created by students this year, allowing teachers and students to perceive and appreciate diverse forms of arts.


From the above activities, our students have reached out precious artistic experience and gone a bundle on the fun brought by arts.






活動包括「Talent Arts Show」,同學們載歌載舞和演奏不同的樂器,以及為藝術成績突出的學生頒發「視藝之星」獎項。


同學們也從不同藝術家的創作理念和藝術創作特色中得到啟發。學校亦舉辦藝術家分享工作坊,包括與藝術家Miss Sally的「拼貼藝術」和Miss Dew的「染紙」活動。學生們還創作了「膠紙畫」和「音樂手工」,發揮創意潛能。