Our annual ‘Chinese Culture Day’ event has been successfully rolled out on 19 January. The School was richly filled with Chinese New Year festive atmosphere with traditional decorations.   Most students dressed in colorful Chinese costumes to celebrate and experience the aesthetic of Chinese unique culture and traditions.

The theme this year, the Six Arts, namely, Rites, Music, Archery, Chariotry, Calligraphy and Mathematics enable students an opportunity to know and experience the six basic talents which ancient scholars were required to master according to the old Chinese education system. 

Activities include:

1.The ‘Six Arts’ booth games – ‘NLW Archery’,

  •  ‘Flying Pegasus (Drones), ‘Magic Writings’ and ‘Colorful Puzzles’ allow students to learn the Archery, Chariotry, Calligraphy and Mathematics in the Six Arts;
  • Photo-shooting areas themed ‘Rites’, ‘Music’ and ‘Archery’ were also set up respectively for students to play roles as ancient schoolchild, which enhances their interests towards the Six Arts. Parent volunteers’ also prepared a Folk Craft booth which teaches students to create flour doll crafts

2.‘Rites’, ‘Music’ and ‘Chariotry’ Crafts –

  • students learn and deepen their understandings towards the Six Arts by creating ‘Ancient Costumes’, ‘Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments’ and ‘Ancient Carriage’ models, which bring more impressive images to our students.

3.Wishing tangerines –

  • students wrote their New Year’s resolutions, tied them with wishing tangerines and threw them as higher as possible onto the ‘NLW Wishing Tree’ to wish more luck!

4.Chinese Orchestra Performance –

  • traditional Chinese New Year songs entitled ‘Gong Xi Gong Xi (Congratulations)’ and ‘Xi Yang Yang (Happiness)’ performed by our students offer their fellows an opportunity to enjoy the Chinese music and explore various traditional Chinese musical instruments.

5.Chinese New Year Bilingual Picture Book –

  • Picture Book sessions taught by our Net  teachers to dig deeper on knowing the profound  Chinese culture and traditions.

All the activities were purposely designed by the teacher team to lead our students to better understand the Chinese rich culture and they will definitely share their knowledge to their families,  friends and the people they meet in later years.

What a valuable and unforgettable life experience!