On 29 Mar, some P.3 students joined the Dr Grammar Programme which was held by the English Alliance of SCOLAR. This programme focused on providing students with pleasurable English language experiences for arousing their interest in learning English. During the lesson, students read an interesting story. They learnt a lot of famous scenic spots in Hong Kong. They also followed the given instructions to make crafts and had some language learning and reinforcement activities. They had great fun in the lesson. All the students enjoyed the lesson so much!

本校部分三年級同學在3月29日參加了語常會英語聯盟舉辦的Dr Grammar Programme 。 該計劃著重於為學生提供愉快的英語語言體驗,以激發他們學習英語的興趣。 在課堂上,同學們讀了一個有趣的故事,他們認識了很多香港的著名景點,還按照指定的說明做手工,並進行了一些強化英語學習的活動。 同學們在課堂上享受每個學習環節,也玩得很開心呢!