English Maths – NLW Mart

We never set any limitations for our students to learn just in the classrooms, our Net team lead the students to expose to more authentic situations.

Students played the roles as salespersons and customers in our NLW mart. They learnt about calculations and concepts of money by selling products, paying at checkouts and communicating with one another all in English.

We always aim at fostering a constructive English learning environment and allowing students to experience their everyday life through different activities.

英文數學課 – NLW Mart 超市購物體驗


學生在我們的 NLW 超市中扮演售貨員和顧客的角色。 他們通過銷售產品、在收銀台付款以及用英語相互交流來學習金錢的計算和概念。