The Filmit Competition 2022 organized by the NET Section and EDB has ended but our excitement has just begun as our school team won the Best Overall Film Award (2nd Prize) in recognition of their outstanding performance in the film named ‘Never Lose Hope’.
Our film is about a boy facing his difficult time because his dad was crashed into an accident and admitted to the hospital, however, he stayed positive and found a way to be hopeful. The ending is really touching to drive you to tears. 
The lead actor, Li Tsz Ming Dudu, won the Best Actor award, for his vivid portrayal of the main character. Students wrote, acted, directed, and edited the entire film themselves and cultivated a sense of hope and optimism.
由教育局外籍英語導師組舉辦的 「Filmit 2022: 英文短片創作比賽」已經圓滿結束,同時邁向我們雀躍萬分的起始,因為本校電影學會的成員憑藉英語短片 ‘Never Lose Hope’ 中精彩的表現獲得了最佳微電影(小學)第二名的佳績。