LBD (Learning by Doing) curriculum 常識科敢創做課程

A newly designed school-based  , student-centered LBD (Learning by Doing) curriculum, sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, have been launching in our P1 and P2 General Studies subject.

The curriculum boosts junior form students’ experiential self-learning, participations and active explorations, so as to foster students’ learning motivation by ‘sensations’ and ‘practice’ on enriching their creative development.

In the unit of ‘The Importance of Spiritual Well-being’ in our P2 syllabus, students had a project on planting their own spring onions. Students nurtured these little plants  by watering them, measuring them and speaking to them with their utmost love every day. Students enjoyed the great satisfaction on their own harvest!

We also engaged our students in cooking sessions to make lovely pancakes and scrambled eggs using their own products-spring onions. Students not only cultivated their self-care ability, but also learnt  nutrition knowledge and environmental protection. Students were even gratified  to apply what they have learnt into daily life and to share their learning results with their families.

本校獲得賽馬會慈善信託基金贊助,於一、二年級常識科推行LBD(Learning by Doing)體驗式自主學習,採用嶄新設計的校本課程,以學生為本,透過鼓勵參與及積極主動探索的學習模式,讓學生從「感」和「做」中學,從而發揮創意及自我的潛能。