🌼May Day🌸
We have gone through the different seasons: the Autumn – Diwali festival; the Winter – World kindness month; the Spring – Pancake month and now it is the time to welcome the Summer. The school picks ‘May Day’ to be celebrated with all of you.
MayDay is a festival and also a holiday (1st May) originated from Europe to celebrate the return of summer. The celebrations have their origin from ancient agricultural rituals celebrating the fertile soil. These celebrations include collecting wildflowers and green branches, weaving wreaths, coronations of May Kings and May Queens and Maypole decorations. People sing and dance with full of passion and vitality around the Maypoles.
Can’t wait for the exciting events happening in the whole MAY!
🌼May Day🌸
我們走過了不同的季節:秋天——排燈節、冬天——世界友善月、春天——煎餅月,現在是迎接夏天的時候了。學校選擇 ‘May Day’ 與大家一起慶祝。