P6 Graduation Camp

Facing the unknown future and reviewing the primary school life are what our P6 students concern the most at this moment. Therefore, the school has strategically put the students to go through the program ‘The Sims Life Workshop’ on a 2 day graduation camp. Students had an experience on imagining what future life would be and reflected on themselves and thought about their future planning. There was also a ‘Talent Competition’ in which they had fantastic performances showing their talents.

Students also proactively participated in various group activities in the camp, which enhances their sense of belonging to the School and improves their self-care ability, team cooperation and communication skills, aiming at building stronger relationshipsand harmony after being together for so many golden and sweet times.

It was such a precious time for P6 students to enjoy the splendid two days and one night with their classmates and teachers prior to their graduation.