Our school has set March as a special ‘Pancake Month’, attributed by the British festival ‘Pancake Day’. We are proposing various events throughout the whole month.
‘Pancake Day’ starts right before people’s fasting practice. To avoid the waste of uneaten eggs, butter, milk and other ingredients, people will mix the leftover ingredients at home to make pancakes. This tradition has been passed down and becomes ‘Pancake Day’ nowadays. People believe that hot pancakes symbolise the Sun, and eating pancakes empower them from the God of the Sun to welcome the spring seasons and new beginnings.
Our school is purposely creating a rich English learning atmosphere by preparing various English activities so that students can be exposed to different cultural festival elements all over the world and let’s look forward to the meaningful and joyful ‘Pancake Month’ together!
Activities include:
1. Cooking Competition: Students and parents will compete on cooking skills by making pancakes together!
2. Handcrafts: Students develop their creativity in making chef hats and pancake crafts.
3. Pancake Recipe Creation: Students will practise English writing by creating their own English pancake recipes.
4. Pancake Race: Students will be in chef uniforms holding their pancakes, not letting them drop while running and reach the finish line!
Let’s get ready for the exciting and fun ‘Pancake Month’!
1. 烹飪比賽:由學生及家長親自下廚製作鬆餅,比拼廚藝!
2. 手工製作:製作屬於自己的廚師帽及鬆餅的小手工,發揮創意。
3. 創作食譜:撰寫鬆餅英文食譜,從烹飪練習英文寫作。
4. 鬆餅賽跑:同學穿着廚師服,一邊跑一邊端着鬆餅,不能讓鬆餅掉下,還要最快到達終點!