European people regard 1st May every year as the beginning of summer after getting through the cold winters and rainy springs and it symbolises the start of vigour and vitality.

Our School hopes to lead students in experiencing various culture and customs  by piloting the ‘May Day’ festival activities. Throughout the entire May, we are holding a series of flower-themed activities, the first of which is the ‘Parent-child May Day Blossom Craft Workshop’.

More than 100 families were associated in this workshop prior to Mother’s Day. Students and their parents cooperated to create their beautiful unique flowers. Children also sent their love and blessings to family members by serving the flourishing flower tea and cakes to celebrate the Mother’s Day with such a big group of moms  .

May Day手工花親子工作坊

歐洲人度過了嚴寒的冬天及料峭的春天,認為五月一日 ‘May Day’ 是夏天的第一天,象徵着為他們帶來無限生機,朝氣蓬勃的景象。

本校希望藉着舉辦 ‘May Day’ 節日活動,讓學生感受不同地方的文化和習俗。學校在整個五月舉行一連串以花為主題的活動,第一個重點活動是「手工花親子工作坊」。