The ‘Sport Pancake Day’ , one of the major events will fall on the coming Thursday at the Tai Po Sports Ground. Students will strive to breakthrough and set their own best records.
The theme this year features the ‘Pancake Day’ from the UK, which will be hosted by our school’s net team. Parents and students will enjoy the fun participating in sports challenges and test their co-operations and solid the parent-child relationships.
We are honored to have Mr. Wong Hui Wai, Eric, a Hong Kong triathlete athlete as our officiating guest. He participated in the Incheon 2014 Asian Games and the Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games and achieved the top 8 results in both sessions respectively. He is going to give a speech on the school’s theme : Self-discipline. He will share the meanings of sports competitions and sportsmanship, encourage students to make up their minds, build up positive values and attitudes such as perseverance, self-discipline and hard work, and inspire them to pursue their dreams and to recognise their potentials with his striking experiences.
本校將於2月16日(星期四)在大埔運動場舉行‘Sport Pancake Day’ 活動,為本年度體育盛事之一,同學將力爭在各項比賽突破自己的成績。今年度以英國的「鬆餅日」為主題,由本校外籍老師主持,讓學生及家長能體驗運動比賽的樂趣及發揮親子合作精神。
我們還邀請了三項鐵人運動員黃煦蔚先生為主禮嘉賓,他曾參與 2014 年仁川亞運及2018 年雅加達巨港亞運,兩屆同樣奪得首8 名成績。他將為本校學生分享學校年度主題:自律,透過他的奮鬥經歷,帶出運動競賽和體育精神的意義,鼓勵學生下定決心、建立堅毅、自律和努力等正面價值觀和態度,並啟發他們追求夢想,發揮潛能。